Anti-Counterfeit Solution for Electronic Accessories

The entry of a new product in the market gives rise to two consequences – patronage from customers and the development of their counterfeit counterparts.

As the patronage from customers increases, the chances of counterfeit products seeping into the market increases simultaneously and because of this, both end users and the company involved suffer from the out-turns.

After the rise of e-commerce platforms, infiltrating counterfeit products has become far simpler, leading the manufacturer to face a domino effect of ramifications in the market. Of all the industries, it is the medical industry, especially the pharmaceutical sector, that suffers most from devastating impacts of counterfeit products.

Protect Your Brand

No more counterfeits!

World’s most effective anti-counterfeit tags backed by patent-pending technology and AI

Prevents and Demotivates imitators to sell fakes under your brand

24x7 monitoring for anomaly signals

Mathematically Coupled Codes

The scan of open tag gives the authenticity information with certain probability

The scan of protected tag confirms the authenticity with certainty and optionally helps to register for loyalty and/or warranty

Related Digital Services which can be coupled with the same codes

Product information and custom landing pages

Data collection

Digital Loyalty program

Paperless warranty

Dynamic and Customizable Platform to Showcase Your Products

Geo-location based Product Pages
Showcase different landing page based on user’s location

Impulsive decision-making influence
Influence buyers during decision-making time

Right message, right moment!
Let your best marketing ads be seen when it matters the most

Product proposition
Let your products tell their stories and benefits

Brand socialization
Increase social media influence and ratings for your products