Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q.1) What is counterfieting?
A.1) Counterfeiting means replicating/duplicating the original product by unauthorized means to take the price advantage of the original product.
Q.2)What kind of goods can be counterfeited?
A.2)Counterfeiting can span across many business segments like clothing, medicines, electronics, footwear and even the food what we eat.
Q.3)What are the consequences of counterfeiting?
A.3)It is not merely the financial loss to the company but due to duplicity in food and medicines, it’s a loss of health and sometimes life.
Q.4) As a brand owner, why should you care?
A.4)Counterfeiting is a threat to all business segments, creating a major impact on their profits, reputation and importantly the safety of their customers.
Q.4)How can VCQRU help protect my business?
A.4)VCQRU is a comprehensive brand protection solutions provider for companies facing loss in revenues due to the presence of counterfeiters. Our expertise lies in detecting and providing the most accurate, concise and brand threat intelligence services with a uniquely personal service approach.
Q.4)How can I integrate your solution with my existing product labels?
A.4)Our printing experts can help you to embed our alga generated codes with your existing product labels.