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A foray to end forgery

An organization of young but experienced people with a clear mission and objectives, quality standards are the integral part of our business practices and we believe, that these quality standards contribute immensely in the overall performance of the organisation.

The group is providing services to both customers and manufacturers through VCQRU,...

......... has been at the forefront in developing anti-counterfeit solutions for your range of products and services. We are a leading tailor-made solution provider with highly innovative technologies, creating new ways for identification, protection and authentication of your brand.

Every person has the right to know whether the product they are buying is genuine or not. We use truly secure and encrypted codes printed on the labels of the product which are impossible to replicate. With the help of secure mobile/web tools, the authenticity of the product can be checked.

The problem of counterfeiting is affecting almost every sector from consumer and luxury goods through pharma, automotive and defense. Globally, counterfeiting has become a serious threat. It hamper the reputation of the brand, pose real danger to the health and safety of consumers, and reduce the profitability of the company.

The counterfeit market in India across the market segment is growing at a rate of 44% year on year basis. As a consequence, India has been on the US `Priority Watch List' of countries more exposed to IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) violations globally.


Surging With Safety

We provide anti-counterfeit technologies and services to OEMs, packaging and converters, label and print makers, as well as directly to the companies and government agencies. Our ago generated codes are embedded with your product labels and provide not only a shield against duplicacy but also provide you a platform to communicate with end users of your business for increased loyalty and greater profitability.

Basic Concept

Seize The Fakes, Promotes The Genuine

Counterfeiting must be stopped, but how? These shrewd counterfeiters usually circumvent the existing laws which makes the things uncontrollable. Whether automotive components or life saving drugs, our market is smitten by these fake, counterfeit products and both the consumers and manufacturers have been victimised by these disguised cheaters.

VCQRU is the simplest method to shield authentic products/brands, through a digital coding system on a scratchable sticker. It is impossible for a person to decode it except the manufacturer and the service provider means VCQRU. VCQRU is a serious attempt to stop piracy and counterfeiting. VCQRU doesn't only protect a genuine product from the burgeoning market of fake products, but also provide an interface to connect the marketer with its valuable customers.

Duplicate products/brands are potentially dangerous and can lead to massive loss. The Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) has reported that, the total magnitude of counterfeiting and piracy worldwide is estimated to be well over US$600 billion which was US$ 400 billion in 2010. Almost 75% of fake or low quality drugs supplied world over have some origins in India. The severity of the problem is not restricted to the physical market, people buying products from e-commerce websites are also prone to such deceptive market practices.

Below is the graph showing the rising growth of counterfeiting in the world economy.

2000-2002 2003-2005 2006-2008 2009-2011 2012-2014
2000 3500 5000 6500 8000
2500 4000 5500 7000 8500
3000 4500 6000 7500 9000

* (As per the growth trend of Counterfeiting Intelligence Bureau (CIB) of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and on the basis of projected trend in the last report of OECD )

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The VCQRU is a software-based authentication system to check the genuiness of products. VCQRU is beneficial for manufacturers as well as consumers, It is novel and deemed to be patented concept to fight against counterfeiting and protect the authentic products. On the other it ensures consumers that they are buying authentic and safe products. Now it has become possible to know the genuineness of an item by confirming through an SMS, Phone, web email or fax within a few seconds.

Product Comparison

Fakes look like original in packaging due to advanced scanning techiques. Hence ordinary purchaser can not differenciate between them. Use Label 9420 to find original and reject fakes.

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