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After Maggi Patanjali Atta Noodles found sub standardApr 19 2016

After ?#?Maggi? ?#?Patanjali? ?#?Atta? ?#?Noodles? found sub standard and it''s under screening of Food & Safety dept.
Maybe it''s a ?#?counterfeit? product.

?#?Label9420? have a ?#?Solution? for #counterfeit ?#?duplicate? or ?#?fakes?product.

After Maggi, Patanjali Atta Noodles found ‘sub-standard’Apr 19 2016

MEERUT: A team of Food Safety and Drugs Administration (FSDA) based in Meerut has found a Patanjali Atta Noodles sample "sub-standard", with ash content in the tastemaker exceeding the prescribed limits by nearly three times, even higher than Maggi samples.

New regulatory body to check fake Ayush products soonApr 19 2016

Free run of companies and educational institutions dealing with Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathic (AYUSH) medicines will end soon. A new independent regulator new linky body will start functioning from February to regulate and standardize Ayush products and related degree courses on the lines of the Central Drug Controller for modern scientific medicines. Union minister of state for Ayush Shripad Yesso Naik said, "We are in the process of establishing the board; it should be functional by February ."

Online markets are source of counterfeit products, say expertsMar 02 2015

World Black Market Value$1,812,102.83 Million ($1.81 Trillion)Mar 02 2015

Ranking of Counterfeit Goods by LossesMar 02 2015

Counterfeit Losses by CountryMar 02 2015

Anti-Counterfeiting News and Counterfeit Goods StatisticsMar 02 2015

Reporter's Notebook: On the Hunt for CounterfeitersMar 02 2015

Counterfeiting: Many Risks and Many VictimsMar 02 2015

For Companies, Counterfeit Battle is Never-EndingMar 02 2015

Top 10 Items Seized at US PortsMar 02 2015

Inside the World of CounterfeitingMar 02 2015

Combating Counterfeit DrugsMar 02 2015

CNBC’s "Crime Inc.: Counterfeit Goods," takes viewers on a rare look inside a global crime spree
Dec 09 2016

Alibaba Took Down 90 Million Fake Products in Lead to IPOMar 02 2015

Counterfeit products sold online giving sleepless nights to luxury brandsMar 02 2015

Are you a victim of fake fashion?Mar 02 2015

Dos and Don’ts of buying art onlineMar 02 2015

Four arrested for selling fake Lenovo products in ChennaiMar 02 2015

Shopping online? Beware of fakesMar 02 2015

Amazon’s counterfeit goods problem and how it could affect their brand equityMar 02 2015

How Amazon India deals with Fake ProductsMar 02 2015

How e-retailers such as Flipkart, Amazon are keeping fake products at bayMar 02 2015


Fake ProductsMar 02 2015

Fake products increasing in online marketplaces- Should only sellers be blamed?Mar 02 2015

Online shopping portals account for 25% of counterfeit goods sales: StudyMar 02 2015

Customs raps importer of fake branded productsMar 02 2015

The Next Generation Counterfeit Handbag: The SuperfakeMar 02 2015

Italian Police Raid Nets 30,000 Bottles of Fake WineMar 02 2015

Fake or Real: Can You Tell Which Is the Counterfeit Website?Mar 02 2015

Fake products on rise in KatniMar 02 2015

Forget Handbags: Household Items Among Goods Seized in Counterfeit BustsMar 02 2015

Fake Bajaj products seized in Chennai market, two arrestedMar 02 2015

Ghana's drug regulator blacklists India's Bliss GVS PharmaMar 02 2015

Google and LVMH Unite Against Fake Online Luxury GoodsMar 02 2015

Alibaba Spent $161 Million Fighting Fakes Since 2013Mar 02 2015

China''s Alibaba Group Holding Ltd, the world''s largest e-commerce company, on Tuesday said it spent over 1 billion yuan ($160.7 million) combating fake goods and for improving customer protection from the beginning of 2013 to the end of November. "From Alibaba Group''s perspective, we bear a serious responsibility in this fight against counterfeits," Alibaba chief executive Jonathan Lu said in a statement. Alibaba has been tackling counterfeit products with greater aggression in recent years, particularly in the run up to its record-setting $25 billion listing in New York in September. A prevalence of counterfeits could hurt its ability to win over customers, investors and US retail partners, the company said in its IPO prospectus. Just a few years ago Alibaba''s businesses were listed on the US Trade Representative''s list of "notorious markets" for intellectual property (IP) infringement.

2,252 fake Lenovo products worth Rs 23 lakh seizedMar 02 2015

Mahindra raids auto part makers to counter fake productsMar 02 2015

The company seized more than a thousand items from raids conducted jointly with the police at shops, traders, packing and manufacturing units in northern India, Mahindra said in a statement on Thursday. The parts most commonly duplicated include air filters, oil filters, pressure plates and clutch plates, Mahindra said. Counterfeit packaging and labels were also found. "The biggest concern is safety, since counterfeit parts can wreak havoc in a vehicle, from braking failure to triggering a fire," said Hemant Sikka, chief purchase officer, automotive and farm equipment at Mahindra. In September, India''s competition watchdog directed car makers to make spare parts more widely available in the after sales market, raising fears this would increase the production and sale of spurious and non-certified generic parts in the world''s sixth-largest car marker. "We will actively continue our action against proliferation of these parts in the market," said Sikka, adding that the company also raises awareness among customers about counterfeit products.

Half-a-million fake items seized in DubaiMar 02 2015

‘Mystery shopper’ lifts lid off counterfeit marketMar 02 2015

My New NewsAug 03 2014

India's fake luxe market to grow 40-45 percentJul 09 2014


Auction house sent legal notice over fake Husains Jun 27 2014

Biggest counterfeit Indian art controversy hits auction Jun 27 2014

Be cautious while buying device online: Asus tells customers Jun 26 2014

Bootlegger charged under severe lawFeb 12 2014

Luxe populiJun 30 2014

Oh God, it's all a fakeJun 30 2014

Illegally stocked medicines worth Rs 22L seizedFeb 04 2014

Ban sale of adulterated milk: ActivistsFeb 03 2014

Goods worth Rs 60,000 seized in raid at AshvemJan 09 2014

Pharma plans hollow: Govt drug testing lab defunctDec 30 2013

Liquor bottles to be hologramedDec 14 2013

Excise department to keep tabs on sale of illegal liquorDec 11 2013

Top drug official for SEZ in state to lure pharma companiesDec 01 2013

Cong files FIR against Tripura health ministerNov 18 2013

Punjab drug scandal puts HP drug control authority in poor lightJun 30 2014

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